IF YOU HAVE AN A-MAYS-ING EQUINE (dac-powered, braided, etc.) YOU’D LIKE TO BRAG ABOUT, PLEASE SEND YOUR PHOTO(S) &/OR STORIES HERE!  We’d love to showcase our satisfied, loyal customers & their A-MAYS-ING RESULTS! :)

Braggin’ Gallery

“Yes!  You are A-MAYS-ING! Your gift baskets were such a huge hit! No one could have put something together as customized and beautiful as you did. Thank you! We’ll be doing a lot more business together in the future.”   Nancy :)

“I love the DAC oil- it is highly palatable even for a VERY VERY picky eater. It is loaded with Omegas which I feel are very important to joint function.  I also like the fact that it does not make him crazy. I have tried several other oils and after a week or two he was really hard to work down.   I also feel it is VERY economical.”

Karma Swanson, pictured with “Calvin the Wonder Pony” aka Spicey Chip AQHA Superior Horse, Amateur & Open AQHA Champion

“My horses have been on the complete line of DAC products for the last three months, and during this time I have seen a profound change. Their coats glow and are practically iridescent. One of my horses who has always had a coarse coat is now extremely soft.  This makes me so happy because I know that a shiny coat on the outside reflects good health on the inside.  

Another horse who has always had weak hoof walls is on the Foundation Formula. His hoof walls have gotten stronger and the Farrier has noticed and commented on it. This horse also has a tendency to be a little tense and hot, especially in new environments. He has been relaxed and willing ever since starting DAC Formula Calm B.  

My 2 performance horses both have prior injuries.  They are on the Optimum Flex Plus, and both are performing at the top of their game despite past injuries.  

Finally, my 10-month-old filly has gone through a huge growth spurt since starting on DAC products. Her joints are large and well-formed, her hooves are solid, her coat is silky, and she is the picture of good health in a foal.

I have tried other supplements in the past and I am thrilled with all of my horses' condition on the DAC program!  DAC has something to benefit every horse at each stage in development and athletic performance.”   Shelley Evans